We are a community where personal development, service to others and mutual help is essential to future careers and family life. The world today needs people capable of harmonizing their everyday work and tasks, professional success with their private life.

If you value communal meals, broadening of your horizons with discussions on varied topics, solid study time during your semester or volunteering, Barbakan is the place for you.

Pokój dzienny

Barbakan Student Residence is a place open to students from all faculties and universities who, apart from an ordinary dormitory, are looking for a place to feel like home. Since 1995 many students have substantially developed their potential. They’ve become good employees, leaders, fathers and men behind positive growth in their communities.

Barbakan residents are involved in various faculties, they develop their many interests, are open to facing ever changing challenges and are devoting many hours and attention in becoming future experts. We follow their achievements – awards, scholarships or participation in prestigious projects in the fields of IT, Physics, Chemistry, Music, Law or Management.

2020 Admissions

We have 10 rooms for students in our Residence, availability is limited.

To have a better understanding of who we are, feel free to visit!

Call us today @ +48785103082 (Mobile) or  +48124233181 (Landline)