Barbakan Student Residence is an inter-university male student dormitory. It’s based in a very well-connected area, close to the city center with easy access to the Cracow University of Technology, AGH University of Technology and Science as well as Jagiellonian University or Cracow University of Economics. The Residence has room for up to 20 students, offering perfect studying conditions with all its facilities (Reading room, Computer lab, shared spaces etc.) and learning-focused environment with a teamwork spirit.

If you value communal meals, broadening of your horizons with discussions on varied topics, solid study time during your semester or volunteering, Barbakan is the place for you.

Pokój dzienny

Barbakan is a place open to students from all faculties and universities who, apart from an ordinary dormitory, are looking for a place to feel like home. Daily exposure to residents with their different fields of study gives a great opportunity for aiding self-development and broadening of horizons, while establishing lifelong relationships.

With this mission in mind, we’ve been running the men’s dormitory in Krakow since 1995.

In Barbakan, the presence of mutual respect and of honoring of each and everyone’s personal freedom gives its unique atmosphere. Our priority is to enable everyone to have their desired studying conditions for good student performance. We are not a religious institution – people of every religions and non-believers or seekers can live here. For the ones interested in religious formation, Opus Dei – as the Personal Prelature of the Catholic Church is there to provide.

Conscious of the value of student life and that it goes beyond study time, we want to aid our residents in the process of character building, acquiring of new skills and competences, engaging in volunteering or bettering their cultural or, for the ones interested, religious life.
The Residence hosts a number of events and meetings with prominent figures of Science and Culture that bring all kinds of experts to give exposure to different fields of interest to improve general knowledge and chance to grow towards future career, family and social life.

Jednoosobowe pokoje dla studentów

Single Rooms for Students.

We strive to create an optimal environment for everyone to learn, make new friends and aid the everyday struggle of achieving new goals and expectations. The interdisciplinary character of the Residence brings freshness, widens the scope of interests and provides the opportunity for long-lasting friendships between students of even such distant specialties as medicine and art history. Our many years of experience has proven that young people really value that connection.

We enable our residents to engage in many volunteering activities to help the poor and the ones in need, or even participate in summer volunteer projects away from our base. We encourage to dedicate at least a bit of own time and skills to help others, believing that it is also enriching and simply develops a “good heart” in every human being.

Barbakan Student Residence provides convenience and comfortable conditions for studying and enables its residents to make good use of their free time. In addition to a spacious reading room, we have a computer lab, gym, meeting rooms and a tranquil chapel. There is also free Wi-Fi in the common areas (reading room, computer lab, living room). Each resident has a single room with a bathroom and full board, which includes four meals: breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea snacks and dinner. Breakfast must be finished by 9 a.m. Lunch is served at 2 p.m. for those who can be at home at the time, and for those returning later, it is left to heat up. You can also ask for a set of takeaway sandwiches instead of lunch. Dinner is at 8 p.m., so that everyone can participate.

At least once a day, we try to meet after the meals, to have an afternoon rest, have time to chat, get to know each other better and share experiences.

If someone can’t attend a communal meal, he can always have something prepared instead. Ladies who look after the dorm, work towards keeping order in “Barbakan”. As in every home, the residents here are also committed to taking care of what’s shared and everyone’s well-being. By taking part in the daily life of Barbakan, each student has his own duties, for example, mowing the lawn, leaf raking, shoveling snow, maintaining the common areas, etc.
It’s also the residents’ responsibility to keep their own rooms in order.


The rent total is 1400 PLN per month for a single room and 1200 PLN for a triple room.
Our offer is addressed male academic youth studying daily at any Cracow university.
We invite all prospective residents to contact us by phone and arrange a visit to Barbakan to see for yourself what our Student Residence looks like.

Responsible for the spiritual guidance of Barbakan is the Personal Prelature of the Catholic Church Opus Dei in Poland, yet it is not a religious dormitory intended exclusively for Catholics. The doors to our Residence are also open to non-believers or seekers. We do not hide, however, that the people who created this dormitory do it for love of God and the Church. Due to the atmosphere of openness and mutual respect, we expect all students to respect the beliefs of people who create and support “Barbakan”. Everyone is also given the opportunity to learn more about the Catholic faith and to deepen spiritual life for believers. In Barbakan there is a chapel in which the Holy Mass is celebrated every day, and on Saturdays at 6:30 p.m. there are contemplative evenings conducted by the chaplain of our dorm.

Join us!

2020 Admissions

We have 10 available rooms in the Residence. Call us today or visit us!
Please contact us by phone: +48785103082 or +48124233181

1. We invite you to visit the dormitory personally and become acquainted with the rules of the Student Residence. Please book 30-60 minutes for this meeting.

2. We will get back to you with the decision within a week.

3. In order to book yourself a spot, please make an advanced payment of 500 PLN. The advance payment is refundable after a period of 3 months.
(ACCOUNT NUMBER 82 1140 1081 0000 2812 7600 1001, TO: Stowarzyszenie Trzecie Tysiąclecie, al. Grottgera 43, 30-035 Kraków).