1. What does it mean that the dormitory focuses on personal development and interdisciplinarity?
We have a tradition in, on one hand, providing residents with very good studying conditions and allow them to spend quality time together, and on the other hand to help cultivate the practices of good manners. As part of the development offer for students in Barbakan, meetings are held with experts from various fields, like: scientists, writers, entrepreneurs, artists, social activists, travelers, military personnel. In addition, we also organize workshops, talks, study trips, conferences and volunteer camps.

2. In what way are the residents responsible for taking care of their rooms and common areas?
Housekeeping is provided (3 times a week). This does not exempt the students from maintaining order. We facilitate the task for those performing scheduled cleaning duties at the Residence in such a way that we keep general order in our rooms and we care about the appearance of the common areas, to permit all satisfactory use. We try to instruct each resident in house duties. Therefore, every resident has small maintenance tasks (raking leaves in the garden, shoveling snow, minor repairs in the house, etc.). Keeping boxes in the room without the management’s approval is not allowed, nor is furnishing the room beyond the norm, putting anything on the walls, keeping food and especially drinking alcohol.

3. Are there any rules at the Residence?
The dormitory has terms and conditions that boil down to several main rules for respectful cohabitation. During the first acclimatization period, students are familiarized with the living arrangements, the rules and duties that come with living in an academic dormitory. A gross violation of the Residence’s rules, like: being in the state of intoxication in the premises, having someone stay overnight in the room without the knowledge and consent of the management etc., has an immediate effect on terminating the tenancy agreement. The student is required then to leave the room within 24 hours.

4. What does it mean that there is a chaplain at the Residence or that there is Opus Dei formation?
Fr. Piotr Prieto, Opus Dei priest, lives in our dormitory. Any of the residents can take advantage of his presence for the sacrament of confession or to talk. Our chaplain also conducts contemplative evenings every Saturday at 6:30 p.m. The spiritual custody for Barbakan is carried out by the Prelature of Opus Dei. Any willing person can take advantage of the Christian formation in the spirit of Opus Dei in our Residence. We recommend visiting www.opusdei.us or www.opusdei.es for more.